44 Top Online Marketing Trends In 2013 How To Use Them To Increase Your Profits Marketing Matters Kindle Edition

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The Internet is a constantly changing landscape of peaks and valleys in terms of what’s hot, and what’s not. Keeping track of the trends and what they can mean for your online and physical business can be a full-time job itself. In this guide, the authors act as your eyes and ears from a marketing and technological standpoint to look at some of the top trends to pay attention to in 2013, and what they can mean for your business. Your knowledge of these trends can help you gain a competitive advantage and increase your profits. Keeping your finger on the pulse of new Internet marketing trends and tactics is one of the best ways to ride the wave, instead of being wiped out by it. Discover the latest Google search engine changes, and what to do about them if your website has gone from page one in their search engine results to page twenty. What’s happening with Google+ and Facebook? Are RSS feeds still worth worrying about, or are there even hotter new technologies to try? Where is mobile going in 2013? What opportunities can you grab in relation to the iPhone and iPad markets? If you have a bricks and mortar as well as online business, what are the top trends in local marketing that can help you gain even more loyal repeat customers? If you are looking for the best ways to increase your traffic and therefore your revenue for your online business, learn more about the latest trends with Google (Pandas, Penguins, and Plus) with the help of this guide. Learn more about each of the 44 top trends discussed in this guide, and decide which are right for your business. Then start revising your marketing strategies, for even greater reach in your industry, better brand building and increased revenues. If you are struggling to make sense of the constantly changing world of Internet marketing, start using this guide today as your crystal ball for the future success of your online business.Word Count=31,000=====TABLE OF CONTENTS WHAT’S IN THIS GUIDE INTRODUCTION CHAPTER 1: TOP TRENDS IN 2013CHAPTER 2: SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION TRENDS, AND STRATEGIES TO HELP YOU COPE CHAPTER 3: SOCIAL METRICS IN SEO ANALYZED CHAPTER 4: LINK-BUILDING TRENDS CHAPTER 5: THE INCREASING INFLUENCE OF SOCIAL MEDIA CHAPTER 6: KEEPING TRACK OF TRENDS WITH RSS FEEDS CHAPTER 7: LOCATION-BASED MARKETING FOR PHYSICAL BUSINESSES CHAPTER 8: MOBILE MARKETING TRENDS CHAPTER 9: HOW TO STAY ON TOP OF THE LATEST MARKETING TRENDS CONCLUSION FURTHER READING APPENDIX 1: 44 TOP ONLINE MARKETING TRENDS FOR 2013APPENDIX 2: HANDY HINTS FOR BUILDING A MOBILE-FRIENDLY HTML SITE =====ABOUT THE AUTHORS Jeff Hamilton is one of the main writers and editors for the popular business and finance website InsiderSecretsCorp.com, and the author of over two dozen step-by-step guides in the Business Matters and Money Matters series from Eternal Spiral Books. Thomas Michaels has worked in the technology departments of some of the world’s leading Fortune 500 corporations. His main interests are how to make cutting-edge technology accessible to small businesses and how to stay ahead of the curve with the ever-increasing speed of change in the ecommerce, mobile and social media worlds. He is a frequent contributor to InsiderSecretsCorp.com on key topics related to technology, business and finance. Joan Mullally and Evelyn Trimborn are two of the co-founders of Accent Marketing Group, Inc. and editors and writers for the popular marketing blog at the website. They are the authors of over four dozen step-by-step guides on a variety of topics related to finance, marketing, mobile marketing, and online marketing. Andrew Simon has worked in the technology departments of some of the world’s leading financial institutions, including Dow Jones, the New York Stock Exchange, and NYSE Euronext. He is the author of several guides on mobile marketing and apps.

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