How To Raise Your Professional Profile Online Strategies To Build Brand Awareness For Your Small Business Marketing Matters Kindle Edition

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**LEARN HOW TO BRAND YOUR SMALL BUSINESS LIKE A PRO AND POSITION YOUR COMPANY AS A LEADING ONE IN YOUR NICHE**Raising people’s awareness of your small business has never been easier thanks to the many tools now available online which can help you spread the word about all of your products and services to your niche audience.However, raising your profile can also be time-consuming, and even the most experienced business owners can find the task of creating an impressive online presence to be a daunting prospect.In this guide, the authors give you a clear action blueprint to help you raise your profile online in order to increase leads, sales and profits.You will learn how to: + Create a search-engine friendly website+ Make your site a traffic magnet+ Publish quality content regularly + Create a range of products and services quickly and easily that will sell well and add to your reputation as an expert in your niche.You will also learn:+ The best ways to network online to position yourself as a leader in your industry+ How to use public relations to your best advantage+ The most effective ways to promote your business. This guide also offers you a variety of strategies on how to integrate all these tactics to ensure that you are making the most of your time and effort to build brand awareness for your business.A handy series of appendices covers certain tactics step by step, including how to:+ Get your website indexed quickly by the search engines+ Get yourself listed in local search engine directories + Use free and paid forum posting services+ Create loyal customers who will become ambassadors for your brand + Create professional presentations that will raise your profile and have your audience eager to do business with youand much more.You will also learn how to write your own effective press releases, plus the top strategies for making your content go viral on the Internet. You will get more traffic and prospective customers, who will start to become aware of your brand and see for themselves all that you have to offer.If you’ve been struggling to build your brand and establish a professional presence online, this guide can save you time and effort and help you grow your audience to meet all of your business goals.Word Count=19,950=====TABLE OF CONTENTSINTRODUCTIONCHAPTER 1: WHY RAISE YOUR PROFILE?CHAPTER 2: HOW PUBLISHING CAN RAISE THE PROFILE OF YOUR BUSINESSCHAPTER 3: CREATING HIGH-QUALITY FREE AND PAID PRODUCTS- CONTENT PUBLISHING QUESTIONNAIRECHAPTER 4: NETWORKING WITH OTHERSCHAPTER 5: BOOST YOUR PROFESSIONAL PROFILE WITH PUBLICITY CHAPTER 6: BOOSTING YOUR PROFESSIONAL PROFILE IN AN INTEGRATED WAYCONCLUSIONAPPENDIX 1: HOW TO GET YOUR WEBSITE INDEXED QUICKLYAPPENDIX 2: HOW TO GET YOUR SMALL BUSINESS LISTED ON LOCAL SEARCH ENGINE SITES APPENDIX 3: RAISE YOUR PROFILE WITH A PAID FORUM POSTING SERVICEAPPENDIX 4: HOW TO CREATE MARKETING MESSAGES THAT WILL STICKAPPENDIX 5: HOW TO RAISE YOUR PROFESSIONAL PROFILE ON LINKEDIN APPENDIX 6: HOW TO MAKE GOOD PRESENTATIONS TO PROSPECTIVE CLIENTS AND INVESTORSAPPENDIX 7: HOW TO WIN REPEAT CUSTOMERS APPENDIX 8: HOW TO FIND BUSINESS NETWORKING GROUPS ONLINE AND OFFLINE APPENDIX 9: HOW TO HANDLE PUBLIC RELATIONS APPENDIX 10: TOP TIPS FOR WRITING A PRESS RELEASEAPPENDIX 11: TOP VIRAL MARKETING TACTICS =====ABOUT THE AUTHORSJoan Mullally is a top Internet marketer and publisher whose commonsense solutions help small businesses establish a presence on the Internet successfully. Evelyn Trimborn is a freelance journalist on a wide variety of how-to subjects and is a popular contributor to blogs on small business and Internet marketing topics.

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