Information Marketing Success How To Make The Most Of Your Online Content For Increased Traffic And Profits Marketing Matters Kindle Edition

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Information marketing is a multi-BILLION dollar industry, and growing, as more and more people turn to online education and budding or established business people start to market their knowledge and skills in the form of ebooks, ecourses, and membership websites teaching users new and valuable skills through coaching programs and expert consultations. If you are interested in starting a profitable online business, information marketing might be the best way to make the most of your knowledge, skills and experience. You run a digital business from the comfort of your own home and make money around the clock through your website.If you already have an online business, but it is not performing as well as you would hope, or, you would like to grow additional revenue streams, information marketing can help you achieve BOTH of these goals.In this step-by step-guide, the popular Marketing Matters authors deliver a clear action plan for would-be information marketers, helping you make the most of your online content for increased traffic and more products, for more profits.In this guide, you will learn what information marketing is, and what it can do for your existing business. If you do not yet have an online business, you will learn how to start creating an information empire. Then you will learn how to use the content you create or acquire to market your business effectively.Handy appendices show you how to use RSS feeds to get more content for your website for less effort, how to create podcasts from your content for audio content that can reach a whole new audience, how to write great headlines, press releases, sales letters and much more. As always, step-by-step action plans are included to help get you started on launching your lucrative information empire as quickly as possible, for sales of both affiliate items, and even your own high-quality information products. If you want to learn more about what it means to start and run an information marketing empire online, and how to make the most of your content marketing efforts, get started today with a whole new business opportunity today with the help of this handy guide.====Word Count=43,475====Information Marketing Success: How to Make the Most of Your Online Content for Increased Traffic and ProfitsTABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION CHAPTER 1: WHAT IS INFORMATION MARKETING? CHAPTER 2: WHAT IS ONLINE MARKETING? CHAPTER 3: WHY CONTENT MARKETING IS SO IMPORTANT TO YOUR ONLINE BUSINESS CHAPTER 4: HOW TO GET STARTED WITH CONTENT MARKETING FOR YOUR INFORMATION MARKETING BUSINESS WEBSITE CHAPTER 5: HOW YOUR BUSINESS CAN GROW SIGNIFICANTLY WITH INFORMATION MARKETING CHAPTER 6: FOUNDING YOUR INFORMATION EMPIRE CHAPTER 7: BEGINNING YOUR CONTENT MARKETING CAMPAIGN CHAPTER 8: CONTENT MARKETING VIA ADS CHAPTER 9: CONTENT MARKETING VIA PRESS RELEASES CHAPTER 10: ARTICLE MARKETING TO PROMOTE YOUR INFORMATION EMPIRE CHAPTER 11: HOW TO MAKE MONEY WITH YOUR ARTICLES CHAPTER 12: HOW TO GET MORE TRAFFIC FROM YOUR ARTICLE MARKETING CHAPTER 13: LEVERAGING YOUR CONTENT IN MULTIPLE WAYS CONCLUSION ACTION STEPS CHECKLIST 1: CHOOSING A GOOD AFFILIATE PRODUCT CHECKLIST 2: CREATING YOUR OWN INFORMATION PRODUCT APPENDIX 1: HOW TO AUTOMATE YOUR WEBSITE CONTENT WITH RSS FEEDS APP. 2: HOW TO INCREASE ACTIVITY ON YOUR NEW WEBSITE FORUM APP. 3: HOW TO SET UP AN AUTORESPONDER SERIES IN AWEBER PLUS 5 more Appendices=====ABOUT THE AUTHORSJoan Mullally and Evelyn Trimborn are two of the co-founders of Accent Marketing Group, Inc. and editors and writers for the popular marketing blog at the site. They are the authors of over four dozen step-by-step guides on a variety of topics related to finance, marketing, mobile marketing, and online marketing.

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