Small Business Dream Life 6 Figure Success Secrets Startup Ideas Guide Strategies For Management And Marketing Of A Low Tech Service Business On 4 … Weeks From Home Book Dream Life Series Kindle Edition

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“Small business….Inspirational” — Jeff S.”Brief, Well worth the purchase price” — E. H.”I can see how I can easily charge $200 per hr for right Super Service Niche” — Gabriel R.”highly recommend this resource to anyone who is setting up a business” — Marjoleina”Amazon #1 best selling author”WARNING: Work less Live More!Lifestyle freedom, this inspirational book is to show you, how easy it is to do, be and have what you truly want in your life with a little focus and effort in the right market. It is a story of how Jimmy J. Johnson with only a high school education and $1200 of borrowed money. Went from working 76 hours per week and broke to over $9000 dollars per month income. In addition how he got the management down to only 2 hrs a week with one business idea. Jimmy say’s Tim Ferris author of the 4 hour workweek has it correct. Jimmy has created an incredible and adventurous lifestyle without an internet business. This is a small business and marketing for dummies type of book. With he’s hard earned knowledge jimmy share with you he’s tips, treat and secrets on How you can do a small business startup better than him. Simple real down to earth how to focuses on the super niche service industries that earn over $200 per hour. The qualities and what you need to do to find them in your local area. Anybody with focus, a little money and effort can achieve job killing success.This short book is approximately 55 pages long about 13000 plus words, includes beautiful photos of some of Jimmy’s world travel.Who is this book for:Any entrepreneur that wants more free timeAnybody who dreams for a different lifestyleAnyone looking to retire earlyAnybody who would like to fire their boss and get a life!Anybody that would like to increase their income of their current service business enterpriseAnybody that wants a 5 figure monthly income business enterpriseAnybody that wants to fast-track their service businessAnybody that wants time and money freedomFound out:why a real Super Niche service business can be better than an Internet businessone secret that will give you 4 X more cash with less customerhow to get clients to happily pay you $200-400 per hourhow you can replace your full time JOB income quickly with a part time business ventureTo take advantage of this and start you on your Dream Life today, just go up to the top right corner orange buy button.EnjoyA few other helpful resource business guide books I recommend.The Lean Startup Eric RiesThe $100 Startup Chris GuillebeauStart Your Own Business by Inc the staff of entrepreneur mediaSmall Business for Dummies Eric Tyson Jim SchellThe Startup Owner’s Manual Strategy Guide Steve Blank and Bob DorfThe 4 hour workweek Tim FerrisThe Low Tech, anybody can do Small Business Guide that will get you to the life you deserve!

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