57 Hot Business Marketing Strategies Offline And Online Marketing Techniques Tips And Tricks From Successful Entrepreneurs Kindle Edition

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I Believe Marketing Should Be Easy, Fun And Very, Very ProfitableUnfortunately, most business owners struggle just to get enough customers to get by. Why do so many fail while others succeed?It’s all about marketing! Your marketing will either make or break your business. In this book you will learn:57 Proven Marketing Strategies From Successful Entrepreneurs Who Have Tried EverythingWhy struggle to “reinvent the wheel” of successful marketing when you can just learn from entrepreneurs who have tried and tested everything you could imagine? Marketing is easy when you follow proven marketing strategies!Why You Should Read This BookOver 70% of Americans say they want to start a business… some day.Many never do. If you’ve started a business or are considering starting one, I believe you deserve to have access to the world’s greatest marketing strategies. I wrote this book to help entrepreneurs like you take their business to the next level.For me, I was born to be in business. I don’t know why or how, I just know that ever since I was young I never wanted a job. I wanted to do my own thing. I wanted to make a difference. I wanted to help others live a better life.And so I started my first business at age 13, manufacturing SAD lamps out of my father’s garage. It was a good business but I was tired of manual labor. So I started several other small ventures until age 19 when I decided to get into sales. It was the best decision I’ve ever made!In my 6 years of experience in direct selling and online marketing, I’ve read hundreds of books on marketing and tested thousands of marketing strategies.In this book I will share with you my top 57 marketing strategies to grow your business and your profits.This book will help you make more sales – guaranteed!Are you as excited about marketing as I am?You should be!Marketing is the heartbeat of any business. Without marketing there are no sales. Without sales there are no profits. Without profits there is no business!At least 80% of your business activity should be focused on marketing. Yes, building a great product is important. Yes, delivering your product with great customer service is important. The truth is there are many aspects of business that you must master to be successful. There is no one secret to success! And there is no one secret to marketing either. That’s why I’m sharing 57 of my best marketing strategies with you – because just one strategy won’t cut it!There is no part of business that can ever make up for a lack of good marketing. It doesn’t matter how good your product is if no one knows about it. Marketing is what builds great businesses and great companies. Marketing is what connects customers with wonderful products and services that solve their problems. I’m assuming you already have a wonderful product or service (or soon will). Let this book help you help more customers!I’m passionate about marketing – and teaching entrepreneurs like you how to market their businesses better.Here’s to your success!About The AuthorI started my first business at age 13, manufacturing SAD lamps with my father in our garage. I soon learned that it didn’t matter how many lamps we could make – what mattered was how many we could sell! That early lesson in business helped me become financially free by age 22 and I’ve never looked back!Since then, I’ve started several successful businesses. And it all happened because I understood marketing – both offline and online marketing strategies. You see, today it’s not about having one strategy. The more marketing strategies you use, the more successful you will be.Learn how to market your business today. Scroll up and grab your copy of this life changing book.

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