A Gringos Guide To Online Hispanic Marketing Kindle Edition

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PROVEN INTERNET BUSINESS & MARKETING STRATEGIES TO CAPITALIZE ON THE EMERGING HISPANIC MARKETYou already know how important an online presence is to your business. Do you know how to create the right online presence to effectively sell and market to those of Spanish or Hispanic origin? They represent a buying power of over 1 Trillion dollars in America alone and are over 12% of the American population or about 54 Million and growing at 50% per year.This book is the first of its kind and is a “must read” for anybody that wants to learn how to capitalize on one of the most rapidly growing population groups in America that also spans the world. We refer to this group of people as Generation Equis. It is a group very similar to that represented by the term Generation X (born between 1960 and 1980) – with a different twist. Generation Equis refers to those of Spanish or Hispanic origin born after 1960. Because of their common Spanish origin, the X is replaced with Equis, which is the Spanish pronunciation of the letter X.In this book you will fully understand the opportunity. This is an all in one guide on how to sell and market online as well as specifically to Generation Equis – the right way – leaving your competition in the dust. Topics covered with an emphasis on targeting Generation Equis include:- Creating the ultimate Spanish or Generation Equis Friendly website.- Optimizing your website to achieve #1 search engine placement.- Online email and newsletter messaging strategies.- Internet marketing techniques that work.- Social networking opportunities.- Use of news and media to target Generation Equis.- Website analytics to monitor and achieve your online success.Don’t miss your chance to capitalize on this rapidly growing market opportunity. Will your business be prepared or left behind?

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