Advanced Traffic Strategies For Marketing Your Products Online Kindle Edition

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The 7 Key Traffic Strategies that drove 200,000 users and 300+ earned media mentions.No hype, no B.S. I have used each and every one of these strategies and they have worked. As a matter of fact they worked so well I was able to drop 200,000+ users onto a product and garner over 300 earned press mentions and win 5 industry awards.I’m not here to sell you on who I am and all of the great things I did. I just know where some of you are right now. Looking for a way to drive traffic and launch a product without breaking the bank – exactly where I was but I didn’t have a book with an easy to use blueprint to teach me how to kill it in online marketing on a shoestring budget.I had a problem that needed to be fixed fast or I would lose my job.I had a bigger problem just 2 years ago. I had just started working for an Internet startup as the Director of Marketing. They were ready to launch a product and the company needed to get users on the product and make a big splash. I had just come off of another product launch at a different company and in a very different market.So what should I do? I even went online to do a Google search on marketing plans – wow that was a mistake – complete garbage. What next? I had to dig in and figure it out – it was my job and I was used to eating so it HAD to work.Why is this different from all of the other stuff out there?So how did I figure out how to do the things to get that kind of success? Hours and hours and hours of research and testing, more research and even more testing. How much money did I spend? Lots – actually thousands of dollars. But don’t worry – you’re not going to have to do that.From Influencer Engagement strategies to dead simple Conversion Testing to the BEST way to use Social Media – it’s all in this book.Also, recently I was able to acquire a marketing plan for a major company that sold for $200 million 2 years after its launch. They were able to get over 100,000 monthly subscribers in 6 months! Funny thing a lot of those strategies were exactly what I did or similar to the strategies I used and are included in this book! Validation is always nice ☺Who is this book for?If you are looking for well researched and tested methods that can drive traffic and buyers to your product or service then get this book.If you want to get over 30+ resources that you can use today and literally market on a shoe string budget that would typically cost thousands of dollars – then this is the book for you.Who is this book NOT for?Key point if you are a newbie – forget it. Don’t download this book. Seriously, you will be overwhelmed with information and maybe even paralyzed and end up not doing anything. This is for the higher-level intermediate to advanced marketer looking for long-term brand & marketing development.It’s also not for the marketer looking for a quick hit and thinking “I will launch this product and then move on to the next one and the next one”…..Then don’t waste your time.Why put this book on Kindle?I’m new to the kindle world but I’ve been in marketing for over 10 years and grew up in the internet marketing world by building my own sites after work and on the weekends and testing over and over and over again to learn what really worked and didn’t work. Literally spending thousands of dollars and thousands of hours of my money and time so you don’t have to.I will be launching more books in the future but I want to prove my mettle and earn the trust with my first book – so I didn’t hold back. I have delivered the goods with this book. Learn tricks to split test your pages in minutes. No set up, no configuration – just click, paste code and go.Get this book now and Enjoy!

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