COMPETITOR ANALYSIS Week 1 Of The 26Week Digital Marketing Plan 3rd Edition Kindle Edition

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Competitor Analysis is the first week of the ‘26-Week Digital Marketing Plan’. There’s no point in starting your digital marketing campaign without knowing what your competitors are doing, and how successful they are. Competitor analysis will help you to determine what your competitors are doing well, what they’re doing badly, and where the opportunities lie for you.This book looks at how to analyze competitor’s websites, what to look at, how to determine whether or not a website is really a competitor, and which tools to use.There are lots of metrics out there to analyze, whether or not a website is performing well, and this book shares the 4 most essential competitor analysis metrics when it comes to planning you digital marketing.Looking at and knowing how to use tools and stats like Google PageRank, Alexa Rank, Domain Authority and website backlinks will be a significant helps to you when it comes to knowing your competition, and this book will help you understand what your competitors are doing well, so you can improve upon their success.Also included is information of how to use Majestic SEO and SEOMoz as well as how to use a SWOT to review your competitors’ success.

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