Do You Really Need A J.O.B Reasons Why I Dont Think So And What You Can Do About It Kindle Edition

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There is a problem; a global problem of gigantic proportions. This is a problem that is threatening to wipe out the middle class. (If it hasn’t already done so)Why I Wrote This BookTimes have changed; people are losing their jobs like there is no tomorrow. Companies are finding it more and more difficult to pay pensions. Due to the global economic crises, millions of people have lost their jobs than were created.More people are leaving higher institutions only to find that there are virtually no J.O.Bs for them. Most peopl that have retired are being forced to either go back to work or go back to school to get a higher degree that will guarantee them J.O.Bs.There is no country that doesn’t have its own share of the global crises and bail out plans and promises. Unfortunately, no one person has all the answers, not even governments.But the good news is that, each of us has what it takes to find and apply the solution to our lives. So far, it’s clear that the world’s governments cannot do it alone. It’s left to every individual to find his own path to a better life. I strongly believe, that better path cannot be going back to school or looking for a better J.O.B. That would be the greatest mistake any one will ever make. That’s why I have written this book. I don’t pretend it has all the answers, far from it but it’s a start. It has all you need to give you that gentle nudge in the right direction to start thinking for yourself.What You Will Gian Fom Reading This BookYou will get to understand why it’s a bad idea to think that a J.O.B will save you from the problem on ground.You will know why you really don’t need a day J.O.BYou will get to find out what you can do so that you are not among those suffering the consequences of the global financial crisesYou will learn how to leverage the power of the internet to make a living and take care of yourself and your family. Then you will learn what to do if you already have a day J.OB. How you can systematically break free and finally be able to quite your day J.O.B.You will also know what to do so that you will not just survive in the global financial crises but also thrive and keep moving forward.

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