Energize Your Productivity Kindle Edition

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Productivity is about getting results. ‘To-Do’ lists, busy work and other people’s agenda’s do not create results. The shift from frustrating time management principles and a list that never stops, to a strategic results approach that stops overwhelm, increases your energy and encourages action is the premise of this book.4 Principles of Energy for High PerformancePhysical Energy: 4 factors to stop you feeling low and feeling tired consistently. Your Physical body goes through rythyms daily and the more you tune into them, the better you will feel. The book provides quick healthy eating tips, exercise ideas when you have little time and the stages of sleep to ensure you get more rest.Personal Energy: 12 insider secrets to deal with overwhelm and have mental clarity to improve brain power for important activities. In the busy and noisy world, you don’t have time to think. Personal Energy ensures you have mental energy to take on challenges and create a healthy work life balance.Productivity Energy: ‘I am Overwhelmed’ is the number 1 reason for business stress. Learning how to stay focused, how do you stop procrastination and get more done is vital to your business and work life balance. The book covers personal productivity and strategies to increase productivity in your business and eliminate distractions like emails, social media, voice messages etc.Power Energy: Igniting your physical energy, mental energy and emotional energy must lead to living now. What does it all mean for you and what is driving your desire to improve all these factors? It’s your time to shine through an abundance of energy The book contains several techniques that work very quickly to increase your Productivity, Profits and Physical Energy. Follow simple systems so you leverage more time in your business for greater outputs in profits, relationships and lifestyle.Energizing your Productivity will ensure you can get more done, stop overwhelm and clearly focus on profit driven tasks. Getting back your energy will increase your resources to think clearly, stay focused and transform your business.

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