Freaking Idiots Guide To Selling On EBay How Anyone Can Make 100 Or More Everyday Selling On EBay … Freaking Idiots Guides Kindle Edition

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Are you wondering how you can make a few hundred bucks fast, without hitting the streets? Would you like to know how you can put $100 in your hands, whenever you’re running a little short on funds? Would you like to have your own personal money machine?This book can help you with all of these things.What you are about to learn is the secrets Power Sellers use to make $100 everyday selling on eBay. What I’m going to give you is a proven plan that you can follow over and over again, to make money now – and in the future, whenever you find yourself strapped for a little cash.¬†What’s the secret to selling your item for the most money possible? It’s easy…Most sellers have no idea what they have, or how to sell it … You need to put yourself in your buyer’s shoes. Take a minute to really think about why they want what you’re selling. Who is the ideal customer for it? Why would anyone want your old Kindle? What can they do with it? What could they do with it? Most people never think of using it for more than reading. Did you?This book will cover all of the steps you need to know to successfully sell on eBay including – 1) How to register as a seller with eBay2) Where to find items to sell on eBay3) How to discover your own private niche where buyers will keep coming back to buy more items from you4) How to write a great auction title packed with keywords that will draw people to your items5) How to write a description that will leave them drooling for more6) How to take great eBay pictures7) How to set a price that will get your item noticed and sold8) What great customer service is, and how you can and should offer it every time9) How to get paid10) How to pack and ship your item so it arrives safelyWhether you are new to eBay, or have been selling on eBay for some time now, this book can help you make more money – starting today! Don’t wait another minute. Order your copy of this book today! * You can read it instantly on your Kindle, iPad, iPhone, or on your laptop using the Kindle for PC App.* Scroll up to the top and read a sample, or better yet, order your copy today, and start selling on eBay in less than an hour. About the Author Nick Vulich has been a power seller and top rated seller on eBay since 1999. During that time he has completed 29,439 transactions with a 99.9% feedback rating. He is a top 100 reviewer on eBay, and is the author of Freaking Idiots Guide to Writing a Kindle Bestseller, Tips and tricks for making your book a bestseller in its category.His newest book Freaking Idiots Guide to Making Money with Fiverr, How people are making $1000 a month providing simple services is available now on Kindle.Order Your Copy Today!

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