GAMES And TALES For MLM Network Marketing Home Business Success Kindle Edition

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This fascinating, fun, serious, refreshing, magical, metaphorical ebook will take you on a trip into the network marketing world not experienced by networkers or people looking for a successful home business … until now.Multi-level marketing, MLM or Network Marketing has been represented too long as a table set for top earners and heavy hitters. Headlines abound that smart, hard-working leaders survive and prosper – the ineffective workers falter and fail. It’s all about the best compensation plan and internet prowess. If you feel that way, then this ebook will challenge you to do some creative thinking out of an old, biased frame of reference into a brilliant internet profits future.But here is the problem and tragic irony – we are told and led to believe we are applying the same plan and following the same steps and can expect similar rewards. Logically, it should not go so wrong. There are many time-proven reasons to go right especially in this Information Economy. Network marketing is based on three basic concepts that enable every family who is looking for extra income and above average dreams to participate whole-heartedly in this greatest wealth transition in human history. No one should be allowed to monopolize it. No one should ever feel disenfranchised from Internet Profits.This is where this marvelous little ebook will play an important role if you welcome it. Its landscape is about games and tales to help you explore, converse, symbolize, decide and connect to deeper meanings.Can playing a home business game provide a fun vicarious experience to show the total picture with or without home business ownership? What if, one Trump card is all you need? Can the game of baseball teach us the right game rules to win?This unique GoGetters 2 Win card game, interesting tales and significant morals will help to better understand the core values of network marketing that are available to every family. The hope is you will respond with “enough is enough.” I am a good person and I deserve to participate in a fair and democratic home business opportunity.The call to action is to make a careful decision based on your experiences, needs and abilities even if it starts with a fun game and a few tales. Make sure you see your pay-offs versus your risks.Before you start a home business, play this game. As you build your home business, play this game to stay on track. And when you are a successful, proud home business owner, share your mentorship, play this game.

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