How To Be A PartTime Marketer With A FullTime Job 7 Pillars To Crush Your 9 To 5 JOB Kindle Edition

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Do you want to quit your job and work for yourself? Do you want to be your own boss?That is certainly what I wanted. The problem is, if you Google the phrase “how to make money online” you will find hundreds and thousands of marketers trying to sell you the next best way to make money online. So which way is the right way to go?What should you do to lead you to success to finally crush your 9 to 5 JOB? There literally are thousands of ways to make money from home just with a computer and internet connection, but if you lack the fundamental pillars (for me, there are just seven), then you will probably just be spinning your wheels never finding that financial freedom you dream of. There’s good news – you found this book!The entire premise and purpose of this book is to earn while you learn. Meaning that if you have a day job, then stick with it until you know enough and prove it to yourself that you can be your own boss and work for yourself on your own time and own terms. I describe the learning process as working and going to school full time. The only difference is that this kind of “school” can be from your home office and the work that you do can potentially make you money instead of you getting a good grade. Personally, I like that much better!I break things down into small, obtainable goals that you can complete even if you have a demanding job that takes up many hours of your day. Financial freedom is possible – you just need to want it bad! Do you want it bad??Why Should You Listen To Me?The reason why people should listen to me is because I’ve lived through starting from the very beginning with no knowledge or anyone to guide me in the right direction. I made mistakes so that you don’t make them and you can follow my pathway to success. You will learn the seven basic pillars that every internet marketer needs to succeed (no matter what you are marketing online). These seven pillars will work for anything!I guarantee that you will learn what it takes to succeed and make money online and if you follow my examples, then you too can quit your JOB for good!

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