How To Dominate Your Online Niche Make Money With Video Marketing Kindle Edition

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Dominate Your Niche on YouTube and Google With Video MarketingWe have helped dozens of small businesses dominate their niche on YouTube and Google and make a lot of money with video marketing. We’ll show you how you can do it for your small business, startup or home business.This book is designed for business owners, professionals and entrepreneurs who don’t understand technology or video marketing but want to use it to grow their businessThere are only 4 steps to dominating your online niche with video marketing and we show you how to do each of them with step-by-step directions. You’ll learn how to:Conceptualize and Make Dozens of Videos Every Month, Without Going Broke;(Hint: It costs less than a meal at the famous Golden Arches) You can’t make money with video marketing if you can’t make a video. And you certainly cannot dominate your niche and make money with video marketing if you cannot make a few videos every month. The secret is to build a new habit of making videos regularly. We show you how we developed this habit. As video marketing experts, we’ve made a lot of videos for our clients and ourselves and we are going to show you how you can do it, too. Dominate Your Niche on YouTube and Google By Using Simple Tricks Have you noticed how Google includes videos in its search results? Wouldn’t it be great if your video shows up on first page of Google search result? We have been doing it with amazing success for our clients. Of course, the same video will also show up in the top results on YouTube. This is one of the greatest benefits of video marketing – you get a double dip. We’ll show you simple ways to use title, description, tags, and a few other things to get your videos high up in search results. Build Traffic and Make Money with Your VideosThe goal of video marketing is to drive more traffic to your site. We will show you how you can reuse the videos outside YouTube to drive even more traffic and make even more money with your videos. You can use the same videos onFacebookTwitterGoogle+PinterestOther SitesWe show you how to increase your website SEO with your videos. Finally, we show you how to track and measure the traffic to increase conversion. We don’t know about you, but we put in all this effort in video marketing to grow sales and make more money. We show you how you can do the same once you have published your videos. See How Even the Biggies like Apple, IBM, P&G and VW are using the Same Video Marketing Principles We Describe in This BookEveryone is doing video marketing but some are doing it well while others are not. We show you how the best companies are using the same principles we describe in this book to dominate YouTube and Google. We’ll show you how you can use the same principles to dominate your niche and make money with video marketing.This Book Will Save You Thousands of Dollars and Hours of Time, While Making You A Lot More Money with Video Marketing

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