How To Facebook A 15 Minute Quick Guide To Using Facebook For Beginners Kindle Edition

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Facebook is a social networking site that allows people to connect with their friends, family, relatives and colleagues wherever they may be. This popular site created by Harvard dropout Mark Zuckerberg has 800 millions of members across the globe. Aside from connecting with loved ones, Facebook has become a popular medium to promote business too. Business owners used this site to network and sell their products and services to other people. Clearly, Facebook has become the favorite way of people to communicate with other people.If you are clueless about Facebook, a new user, or someone who is not very familiar with the application then ‘’How to Facebook: A 15 Minute Quick Guide To Using Facebook for Beginners’’ is all you need to discover:What is Facebook?How does Facebook Work?How to Sign Up in FacebookHow to Set-up Your ProfilesWhat is a Facebook “Timeline”?How to Customize Your Facebook TimelineHow to Locate Friends on FacebookVideo Sharing on FacebookHow to Share Photos on FacebookHow to Make a Comment on FacebookSending Message in FacebookHow to Use Chat in FacebookHow to Make an EventHow to Make a Facebook GroupUsing Facebook to Build Your Networking SkillsHow to Earn Money on FacebookHow to Setup a Business on FacebookWhat Is a Community Page on Facebook?How do you Create and upload a Facebook Application?What Is a Sponsored Ad on Facebook?How to Deal With Facebook TrollsHow to download Facebook Application on mobileUsing facebook can be fun and easy when you know how to use it.Get a copy of this book and let this be your 15 minute guide to start connecting with your loved ones or to promote your business today!

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