How To Find Love Intimacy And Romance Online Online Dating Tactics And Techniques Dating Websites To Find Love How To Create A Standout Profile … And More… Nicholas Blacks Howto Series Kindle Edition

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How to Find Love, Intimacy, and Romance Online! Online Dating Tactics and Techniques, Dating Websites to find love, How to Create a Standout Profile, Free Dating Websites, Mobile Dating, and more…(by Dr. Stephanie King & Nicholas Black)This is the ultimate how-to guide for those of us searching for love, intimacy, or romance . . . Online! Over 49 million Americans are turning to Online dating to find their version of Love, whether that means falling in love with their Soul Mate, or finding a friend to comfort them. In this How to guide, written by Psychologist Dr. Stephanie King and bestselling author Nicholas Black, we pull the curtains back and see what Online Dating is all about. The book is filled with valuable research, techniques, and tactics for developing a great online profile that will match you with exactly the kind of partner you are searching for. If love is something you desire in your life, or if you just want companionship, this is the book for you. If you are currently Online Dating, this How to book will assist you in tightening up your profile so that you can accurately launch cupid’s arrows in the right direction.The book covers subjects such as:1. The Statistics of Online Dating2. What Exactly is Online Dating?When did it all begin?The top 5 Dating Applications • Badoo•• Twoo• OkCupid• Zoosk• eHarmony• Plenty Of Fish3. What are You Trying to Find?4. Preparing to Build Your Profile?Profile BasicsDon’t Lie! Don’t Tell it, Show it!Don’t describe yourself from somebody else’s perspectiveThe list of 95. Building Your Profile: Step 1Step one: Get your profile started6. Building Your Profile: Step 2 Step 2: Tell the world who you are7. Building Your Profile: Step 3Step 3: The more profound details8. Building Your Profile: Step 4Step 4: Description (in your own words)MenWomenSummary9. Building Your Profile: Step 5Step 5: Your Headline, Interests, First DateHeadline firstFirst Date10. Finishing your profile: The Big QuestionnaireThe Relationship Needs AssessmentWhat is the RNA, and who developed it?How long does it take to complete the RNA?How was the RNA constructed?What the point of the RNA?Will the RNA help me?11. Finishing your profile: The Chemistry TestPOF Relationship Chemistry PredictorThe TestThe Results12. Finishing your profile: Upload your Photos!Upload your profile photographsProfile Photo GuidelinesPictures Do’s and Don’ts:Looking for a One-night Stand or an intimate encounter?13. How important is Physical Attractiveness?Just how important is physical attractiveness in selecting a potential partner?On Preference for Physically Attractive PeopleBetween Men and Women?Do we admit the Importance of Physical Attractiveness?Physical Attractiveness and PopularitySocializationEducationIn ConclusionIf looks are all that matter . . .What does this mean for my search?What can be done to level the playing field?Be healthy for you!Focus on the things that make you you.It’s okay to be different!Focus on Self-improvementBe honest about what happiness is for you14. Time to Launch: The Message GameWhy some people never respond to messagesPlace Holders and Empty LinesCheeposPoor Grammar in your messagesYou’re sending Copy-n-Paste messagesYou sent a Nudge, Wink, Flirt, etc.You seem like a Creeper or a DoucheYou sound Desperate and PatheticYour profile isn’t good enough to create a ConversionProtocol for Sending MessagesInitial MessagesFollow-up MessagesProtocol for Receiving and Responding to MessagesResponding to people you’re interested inResponding to people you AREN’T interested in15. How did I get here, and where am I going?Tyranny of ChoiceWeakness of online datingCoffee?16. Is it Ok to Lie on Your Profile?17. Tips for the First Date! Not just TextingHave a planPlay it safeIf you’re serious or curious about Online Dating . . . Then this is your book! Love, Intimacy, and Romance!

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