Nothings Changed But My Change Kindle Edition

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This world of ours has changed, if you haven’t noticed. The way we communicate, consume, shop, swap and date has all changed–we have all changed–because of the internet. But perhaps it has changed one man, most of all. This is the true rags to riches, recluse to extrovert, fat to skinny ShoeMoney Story.┬áPenned with the same irreverence for authority and grammar as his widely read blog (, Nothing’s Changed but My Change chronicles the journey from a difficult childhood as the fat “dumb” kid to a grown-up place of prominence, wealth, and happiness as one of the world’s foremost internet marketers. At times it’s philosophical, provocative and downright hilarious and at others it’s a cursory how-to manual for making a buck and spending it wildly. Transparent and shockingly honesty, you can’t help but like and identify with the brazen narrator and finish his story with a renewed sense of your own self-confidence and hope. In the end, Schoemaker–the man behind the alias–leaves us with a final understanding that anything’s possible if you celebrate yourself and embrace your natural talents because–as he’s learned–that’s the stuff that never changes.

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Rating (out of 5): 4.6

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