Real 16 Answers To Change MLM Network Marketing Home Business Kindle Edition

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Are you still searching for that ideal home business in the Information Economy so you start to live life on your own terms? The internet is making people rich … why not you? The big problem is that people spend more time planning their dinner than learning about the basic principles that make a network marketing home business either succeed or fail. Time to stop crying and underrating this unique business to make money from home. Why not learn how to be rich rather than poor with multiple levels of commission with leverage and duplication as the two unconditional rules. This unique ebook presents 16 honest answers that every home business owner needs to know. The topics range from the greatest wealth transition in human history to personal development to People Power and Internet Profits with the Power of Two.How would you answer these sample questions:1. What is the shocking statistic that will almost guarantee failure?2. What is residual income as a networker vs linear income as a worker? 3. Do you need to be a self-branded internet marketer to be a top networker?4. What is a good example of a simple marketing plan with viral potential?5. What is the first step in acknowledging there is need for change?PLUS 11 MORE QUESTIONS you need to answer BEFORE you start any MLM Network Marketing Opportunity.PLUS a set of 10 Operatives to rehearse, drill and practice every day to reset your mind to embrace abundance not poverty.One of the main reasons for both individual failure and negative public publicity is this lack of basic understanding of the simple 3 concepts. What if, these 16 answers can open up a financial future you can only dream about because there are no more unknown factors, excuses or complexity.We hope this ebook will contribute to your richly rewarding, debt-free and fulfilling life. As compassionate networkers we strive to offer solutions to income disparity in this unique home business.Annemarie Berukoff is a retired teacher and professional network marketer. Her mission is to return to basics with network marketing concepts as a way to offer a fair and democratic home business opportunity for every family who is looking for more financial security.

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