Social Networking And Internet Marketing For Real Estate Investors Kindle Edition

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Social Networking and Internet Marketing for Real Estate Investors teaches you how to leverage the power of the internet to grow your business and increase your sales. This book was written specifically for realtors, wholesalers and all real estate investors that are looking for a way to increase their revenue and their number of clients. In this book Lex will show you how to use Twitter, Facebook, You Tube, LinkedIn, Flickr and other social and internet marketing websites to dramatically increase your own website traffic and drive more customers to your site. You will learn how to capture and convert this traffic into a database that you can use on a continuing basis to market and solicit your real estate listings, products or services. This book will show you ways to use Web 2.0 techniques to sell a house faster, find buyers and sellers, build your buyer’s list and market your wholesale real estate deals. This book is a must read for all real estate investors and professionals.

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