Test Grow Rich More Than 300 AB Tests To Increase Your Conversion Rate And Sales Insider ECommerce Series Kindle Edition

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Are you new to testing? Looking for ways to improve the conversion rate for your eCommerce site and marketing efforts? Have some experience testing but need new ideas to spark the next big win? Then get ready to “Test & Grow Rich” with this book!Featuring over 300 A/B Tests across a variety of site areas and marketing channels:- Homepage- Landing Pages – Listing & Category Pages- Product Pages- Checkout- Registration- Paid Search- Email Marketing- Display- Box Inserts- And Much More!“Test & Grow Rich” features tests ranging from easy to implement to more challenging that can improve your Conversion Rate, Click Through Rate, Reduce Bounce Rate, Email Subscription Rate, Reduce Cart Abandonment Rate – all helping to generate more sales for your eCommerce business. This book is designed to be a quick and actionable read that you can read from cover to cover or simply jump in to whatever areas you are looking for testing inspiration on.Also included in the book:- Why test?- What is the difference between the various testing methods (A/B, Multivariate)?- How to successfully set up a testing process and the stakeholders you should involve – Best practices to consider when designing your site and marketing efforts- Common pitfalls to avoid when designing certain tests – Additional Resources to further your web testing and web analytics knowledgePick up a copy now and start putting these tests to work to grow your sales and profits today!About the Authors:Scott Zakrajsek has spent the past 6 years leading measurement and optimization teams for several leading brands including Victoria’s Secret, Staples, and currently adidas, where he manages the Global eCommerce Analytics group. Scott strives to bring a customer-centric and common sense approach to any data project he touches. Dan Marques is a data-driven marketer and entrepreneur who is passionateabout the future of eCommerce, analytics, publishing, and portfolio entrepreneurship. Dan currently leads online marketing for the Reebok US eCommerce team and is previously the co-founder and VP of Marketing & Analytics at Gemvara.

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