The Lean Hangover Perfect Paperback

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One of the most powerful ways businesses have improved profits over the past two decades has been by moving away from mass production to lean manufacturing. Many, many businesses have successfully learned to use the lean way to generate stronger profits and growth. But even today, even after what feels like a barrage of training, books, consultants, and everyone chasing lean, there are still way too many businesses that just aren’t getting it right. And a few of these lean ‘wannabes’ have even damaged their performance to the point that they’ve fallen into a downward spiral as a direct result of poorly executed lean changeovers. After nearly a generation of business leaders chasing lean manufacturing, why do so many businesses still struggle to get it right? Having experienced successful and not-so-successful lean transformations, this is the question Rob Jablonski tackles in The Lean Hangover. Every business leader today wants to run their operations leaner, but many still don’t understand how to develop and manage the organization that actually does the work of becoming lean. Lean is not just a different way to run manufacturing within your existing organization; it is a different way to run your organization to design, implement and sustain lean manufacturing systems. Jablonski has studied these core differences in lean manufacturing approaches throughout his career and has developed these lean lessons, his proven methods for organizing the business to get lean over the learning curve and for avoiding the key pitfalls that can creep up even in mature lean businesses to create The Lean Hangover!

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