The Lending Club Story How The Worlds Largest Peer To Peer Lender Is Transforming Finance And How You Can Benefit Kindle Edition

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Every now and then a company comes along that completely transforms an industry. Today, what Lending Club is doing to the financial services industry is truly revolutionary. The way we invest and borrow money is being changed forever.With over $1 billion in loans issued Lending Club is quickly moving towards the mainstream of consumer finance. Peer to peer lending can no longer be ignored as a passing fad, it is clearly here to stay.The Lending Club Story is the first book ever published about Lending Club, the world’s largest p2p lender. It is part storytelling, part investment guide and part reference book.In this book Peter Renton, the publisher of the most widely read blog on peer to peer lending, will explain:• What is peer to peer lending and why it is becoming so popular• How Lending Club went from just an idea to $1 billion in loans in less than six years• How a little startup called Lending Club thrived during and after the financial crisis while some of the largest companies on Wall Street were collapsing• How investors are benefiting from this new kind of investment• How the borrowing process works at Lending Club• What the future holds for this fast growing companyMany intelligent investors from successful hedge funds as well as small mom and pop investors are moving money away from the stock and bond markets and into peer to peer lending with Lending Club. After you have read this book you will understand why.

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