Winning Storage Auction Strategies Kindle Edition

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What do bags of dryer lint, sex toys, $20,000 in cash, gold and 100,000 expired Trojan condoms have in common? All were purchased at delinquent storage unit auctions in Las Vegas, Nevada.Veteran storage unit auction buyers, Dirk and Susan McFergus outline a comprehensive guide to successfully navigating the minefields of mini storage unit auctions. They dispel the myths promoted in storage auction reality television programs along with inside tips and strategies for all levels of storage auction buyers. Learn how to locate storage auctions in your vicinity, spot what units to buy and what to avoid. Also learn how to prevent your ego from purchasing a losing storage unit. Essential tips and funny personal stories from professional storage auction buyers formerly in the trenches. If you’re even contemplating buying a delinquent storage unit auction, you cannot afford not to have these insiders’ perspective on the game.

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