Your Internet Marketing Ultimate Swiss Army Knife The Practical Marketing Series Kindle Edition

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The Internet…So much potential… So much misunderstanding!There is no need to elaborate about the internet’s potential as a marketing heaven.It is most unfortunate that so little of the potential is actually used for getting new clients by business owners and companies.Here you will make a significant step towards harnessing the massive power of this client pulling engine.In a few moments we will start automating your client attraction procedures and systems, dramatically increase your authority as a leading business in your field and passively convert prospects into clients.This book is your Swiss army knife of tools, methods and mindsets, to understand your clients’ way of interaction with the World Wide Web and pulling them into your operation.Here we will focus on two major topics:– Convergence – the alchemy of turning prospects into clients.– Traffic – the science of herding swarms of clients into your marketing funnel and conversion systems.We’ll be starting our journey soon, but remember, the gold in this book will not be effective if you keep it in those pages. You have to implement it. You have to take action. You have to use the power!!

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