Google Social Superhero Kindle Edition

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The business world has changed exponentially over the past century, and unfortunately for some, even over the past decade. Technological advances are amongst the most obvious, but marketing changes have also made huge waves in the day to day lives of business owners and solopreneurs.Traditional marketing has become a less effective tool, and social media marketing is quickly growing into the most promising way to bring in new customers. Many small business owners already know this, but unfortunately, some of them fail to implement a Google+ business page.Google+ is yet another extension of the search engine giant Google. Google has found its way into nearly every aspect of many people’s lives, and its social media arm, Google+, is quickly growing into a large community of informed consumers and those who want to interact with every aspect of their lives via the Internet.Some solopreneurs fail to see the use of Google+ simply because it has a few similarities with Facebook, but this thought process is no better than a business owner who decides not to advertise in one newspaper simply because they’re already in another. In fact, Google+ offers several intriguing and unique user-friendly features that Facebook doesn’t even come close to.Understanding Google+ is obviously essential before a small business owner decides to venture out into this social media marketing world. Fortunately, the website makes it extremely simple to set up and run a successful social media marketing campaign on the site. Though it is simple to handle a Google+ marketing campaign, there are a few things that every solopreneur should know before diving head first into these waters.

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