The Amazon Analytics Bible How To Use Analytics To Sell More Books On Amazon And Make Better Marketing Decisions Kindle Bible Book 4 Kindle Edition

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How To Sell More Books Using A Secret Amazon Analytics TrickYou Can Increase Sales By 67% With This Proven Amazon Analytics SystemIf you’re not using Amazon Analytics, you’re wasting your advertising money and time. Learn how to:See The Exact Number Of Visitors To Your Amazon Book PageImagine if you had live data on the EXACT number of visitors to your Amazon book listing page! You’d be getting instant feedback on whether or not your book marketing and advertising strategies are actually working.Calculate Your Sales Conversion Rate On AmazonUsing this data, you can calculate your sales conversion rate. Using this simple strategy, I improved my average Amazon book page conversion rate from 11.4% to 19.1% – that’s a 67% sales increase with just one simple change and no extra advertising or marketing!How To Sell More Books With KDP SelectIn this book, I’ll reveal my charts showing proof that using KDP Select can increase your book sales and traffic to your book page by an average of 836% over the long-term. You’ll also learn why you must be in KDP Select to maximize your income as an ebook author.Learn Amazon’s Secret HTML Codes For Book DescriptionsDiscover how to make your book descriptions stand out from the crowd, how to insert images in your book description, tracking links, make text bold and much more!How To Know Exactly What Your Readers Like Inside Your BookNot only will you learn the secrets to getting analytics for your Amazon book page, you’ll also get detailed analytics about what your book readers are actually doing INSIDE your book! You’ll know what information and parts of your book readers like most and which parts are turning off readers.How To Calculate The Number Of Sales Needed To Get A Hot New Releases ListingUsing smart analytics and my Amazon sales data, you’ll be able to calculate how many books you need to sell in 1 day or 1 week to have your new book reach the coveted and extremely valuable Hot New Releases listing in your key Amazon book categories. This strategy alone is worth the price of this book!How To Get Your Book Into The Top 100 Free Kindle StoreLearn the secret, calculated marketing strategy that can help you get your books into the Top 100 Free Kindle store during your KDP Select free promotions. You’ll learn why you should always be willing to invest up to $200 to market your books during free promotions and why that investment will pay off BIG TIME for kindle marketing.Book Marketing Made EasyIf you’ve struggled in the past with marketing your books, you need clarity and a proven strategy that works! Stop banging your head against the wall and start making marketing decisions based on good data and intelligent marketing strategy rather than just guessing. Learn how to sell more kindle books right now.With Kindle analytics and tracking your visitors on Amazon you’ll be one of the elite, the few, and the very successful authors and Kindle publishers. Are you ready for that?About The AuthorTom Corson-Knowles is the international best-selling author of The Kindle Writing Bible and The Kindle Publishing Bible, among others. Tom wrote his first book at age 19 but had no way to publish it… until February, 2012. Within 8 months, Tom was earning a full-time income as a part-time author. Tom has taught thousands of authors like you how to sell more books using smart book marketing strategies! If I can do it, you can too!Learn how to use Amazon Analytics to sell more books today! Scroll up and click the buy button now.

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